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Flowcon Automatic flow control cartridges
Product Name Size Flowrate (L/min) Feature
Flow Control
(Flow Balancing)
FlowCon AB 15 • 20A 1.38 ~ 24.18 New Product! Suitable for a low volume FCU.
FlowCon K 15 ~ 40A 1.26 ~ 111.0 Suitable for a FCU and compact AHU, etc.
FlowCon SH 20 ~ 40A 4.5 ~ 116.94 Adjustable Type. Can be set 55 different flow rate.
ISOLATOR "R" 50A 45.42 ~ 287.7 New Product! Suitable for a AHU.
AHU Wafer 50 ~ 80A 52.8 ~ 605.4 Suitable for a AHU. Flange type.
Uni-Flange 65 • 80A 45.42 ~ 862.98 New Product! Suitable for a AHU. Flange type.
CL150/300 Wafer 80 ~ 800A 52.8 ~ 64,356.0 Suitable for a DHC plant and primary system, heat source equipment.
Flow Control Cartridges ===== ===== "Adjustable" Automatic Flow Control Cartridges.
Temperature Control
FlowCon SM 20 ~ 80A 9.66 ~ 483.0 New Product! The World's Most Advanced Control Valve (Pressure Independent Modulating Flow Control Valve)
FlowCon International

FlowCon International is a jointly held company combining the product development technology, manufacturing processes, and international marketing strengths of Griswold Controls of the United States and Frese Armatur of Denmark. Griswold Controls represent over 40 years of design and manufacture experience in the valve industry and, through product innovation and systems understanding, have established themselves as a leader in the air-conditioning and heating system balancing market. Frese represent over 50 years of the highest quality foundry and manufacturing technology and, within the last 10 years, a substantial share of the valve and fitting market of Northern Europe.

The focus of the FlowCon International company is market penetration of the hydronic systems balancing industry through innovation product design and indepth market contact. The geographic coverage of the company is literally worldwide, the only exceptions being North America and Northern Europe, which are considered "home concentration" markets of Griswold and Frese respectively.

Dynamically and automatically, FlowCon International sets...
and raises the standard in hydronic balance.